After 67 long years, all spent in Adams, Pete’s Gun Shop is ready to end an era as Tom & Pat are retiring. Pete Decker started moonlighting as Pete’s Gun Shop out of Decker’s Dry Cleaners. What started out as a hobby soon switched gears and overtook the title of main gig from the dry cleaners. Pete ran the small shop on Columbia street until the day he died in 2004 and possession was transferred to Tom.  Pete and Elinor’s small mom & pop endeavor turned into a family livelihood as Pat and Mike joined Tom soon after. 

It took some time for us to find our groove and learn the ins and outs of the business in a taboo industry littered with red tape and legal jargon. Throughout the years and with help and support of so many individuals, former and current employees and their families, the shop took on a life of its own and grew in size, customer base and inventory.  For the few customers out there that remember the old shop, you know how far that has come. A few things from Pete’s era remained a constant: an owner willing to fight for your 2nd amendment rights (seriously, the amount of time that my grandfather and father spent writing and calling state representatives to advocate for the industries’ behalf is amazing), the happiness and eagerness to inform and teach, the appreciation of the military and all things related to firearms history and of course, shop dogs.  

For  nearly the last two decades, we have made many friends, probably some enemies, we’ve laughed, we’ve had the ever expensive range day, we’ve stewed about politics, we’ve bought, sold and traded just about everything, we’ve had our own struggles, and we’ve cried and mourned with some of you. All of the memories with all of you, our favorite friends and customers, make this closing/retirement announcement all the more bittersweet. 

Over the last few years it has been a family topic of discussion as to what to do with this business. We had many things to weigh: the good and bad economic times, the ever increasing regulations from both the federal and state government, the increasing liability and the increased pressure of trying to run a successful business in a political hotbed of an industry. Many a night have been spent trying to find an item, answer a question, or worry about the newest set of laws and how that impacts the shop. 

You’ve seen us stressed over the years and you’ve seen our struggles at times. Thank you, each and every single customer, for being patient with us and giving us your business and for having confidence in us to fulfill your needs or answer your questions. 

Tom and Pat are aging, tired and ready for retirement.  They are looking forward to time with family, traveling, dogs, hobbies, and fun times.

With a heavy heart, but an excited eye on a new future, for all these, and a million more reasons, Pete’s Gun Shop will be closing for in person retail sales on December 30th, 2023.  

All layaways and storage items must be picked up or transferred out by December 15th, 2023. We will still be offering limited repairs by appointment only. Stop in to check on unannounced sales and specials as we approach the end of the year. 

To all of our past and current friends and customers, we appreciate every one of you.  To the ones that have moved on, we have not forgotten about you. Every one of you will be missed by us all. 

Tom, Pat, Mike


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