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 In 2004, Peter Decker passed away after a very short illness.  The present owner, Tom Decker, found himself with a gun shop business and a polluted property that was still embroiled in a fight with the polluter, National Grid.  When negotiations again progressed, the former building was sold, paving the way for our new shop at 9 Grove Street in Adams, MA. 

The new building is a wonderful place with period decorations and a warm atmosphere, welcoming to any and all. It is a friendly place to visit and find your next firearm purchase.  We are unlike any gun shop you have ever visited.  We have a full time archery staff on site to assist you with your every need.  We are Western Massachusetts' largest gun shop with over 100 new and used Massachusetts compliant handguns in stock.  We carry one of the largest selections of Massachusetts compliant Glocks, including some Third Generation models.  We also stock a large selection of military surplus weapons, modern semi automatic "black" guns -- plus collector grade guns, as well as a complete selections of hunting rifles and shotguns both new and used.  We have hundreds of new and used guns in stock........come check it out!

We also will ship to any California customer within the guidelines of the new CADOJ regulations.

Pete's Gun Shop

Pete's Gun Shop began as a hobby in 1956, run by it's founder, Peter Decker, out of the front office of his family business (Decker's Cleaners and Dyers) on 31 Colombia Street in Adams, MA.  The gun business grew by leaps and bounds, and eventually eclipsed the cleaning business in scope.  The cleaning business was eventually downsized, and the gun business became the main concern.

In 1983, the former building was remodeled with a concentration toward allowing more space for guns.  In 1992, following the death of Pete's wife Elinor, the cleaning business onsite was closed and any cleaning was farmed out to a subcontractor.  In the late 90's, while demolishing an electrical substation next to the former cleaners, National Grid found the presence of severe pollution dating back to the existence of a co-generation facility run there about 100 years previously.  Negotiations were entered to try to clean up the pollution which was present beneath the building.

9 Grove Street Adams, MA

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